Doctors’ reports and translation costs on McGeough’s legal aid bill

MEDICAL reports and translation costs account for some of the more than £8,000 paid from legal aid in the case of Gerry McGeough, it has been revealed.

Fermanagh-South Tyrone MLA, Maurice Morrow, asked the Minister of Justice to provide a breakdown of the £8,034.78, which includes Crown Court and Judicial Review hearings.

The Minister, David Ford, detailed the amounts paid as follows:

“Cardiologist report £350; Cardiologist report £400; Hospital Notes £30; GP report £60; Law searcher £5,250; Translation £761.67.

“The amounts paid in respect of the Judicial Review total £660.65 and are detailed as follows: Stamp Duty £598.65; Copy Order £10; Ex parte Docket £52.

“Disbursements were paid under the Green Form Scheme in relation to advice and assistance provided in relation to the Court of Appeal as follows:

“Copy transcript of original trial - £419.64. In addition mileage paid under The Green Form Scheme (PACE) is treated as a disbursement. The amount paid in respect of mileage was £102.82.”


McGeough, a one-time gunrunner for the IRA who was jailed in the United States and Germany, is currently behind bars for the attempted murder in 1981 of the DUP councillor, Sammy Brush.

Under the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, hundreds of IRA and loyalist paramilitary prisoners were given early release and a de facto amnesty for past crimes.

McGeough, however, was sentenced last year to 20 years for attempted murder, possession of a firearm and ammunition and IRA membership.

His supporters claim he was singled out for special treatment by the state because he broke with Sinn Féin.

McGeough, who tried to buy surface-to-air missiles for the Provisionals in the US, stood against the party as an Independent Republican candidate. This move, his supporters argue, marked him out to the British authorities.

McGeough has said he disagrees with the political direction Sinn Féin has taken of late but supports the peace process and does not back a return to violence.