Dog fouling and dangerous dogs plaguing Moy

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Residents in Moy are kicking up a stink about the number of irresponsible dog owners who are failing to clean up after their pets and even in extreme cases allowing dangerous dogs to stray and attack children.

Dog fouling is high on the list of problems currently besetting residents in the Roxborough Park area, according to local SDLP Councillor Denise Mullen.

She said that many residents have complained to her regarding the amount of dog mess on local footpaths, as well as litter, and uncut hedges and trees in Moy Square, which are blocking signs and posing a danger to motorists.

“There is no excuse for dog poo to be left in the street, grass verge, tree, hedge or anywhere else,” said Councillor Mullen. “Speaking not just as a political representative but as a resident of the estate, the dog fouling is getting out of hand.”

She has called on the council to erect dog fouling signage along pathways in Roxborough Park to discourage irresponsible dog owners.

“Leaving it on paths is just selfish and irresponsible and then responsible dog owners get tarred with the same brush. The council will be leafleting homes in the area, warning about fines, but the problem is caused by visitors to the area, rather than local residents.

“There also needs to be more tree cutting and trimming in the square, one tree in particular is far overshadowing a road sign, and the Charlemont Guest House sign.”

In another incident, police had to remove a dangerous dog from local streets after it attacked a child, who had to be brought to Craigavon Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department, according to the councillor.

She also said that many visitors to the village had requested a disability parking bay outside Moy Credit Union.