Dungannon Councillor angry with police over statistics


Councillor Nuala Donnelly has hit out at police for their repeated failure to provide her with crime statistics she said she first requested in April.

The Sinn Fein representative, who wanted figures in relation to drugs crime in the Coalisland area, called into question the PSNI’s ability to do their job at a meeting of the full council, on July 7.

Talking to our reporter last Thursday, the public representative said she had still not received the figures, asking: “How am I supposed to get the people of Coalisland to have confidence in the PSNI, when the PSNI are not being responsible?”

Cllr Donnelly told the Times she first raised the issue at a meeting of the policing board, and since that was told to look online, before being passed between police and the manager of the policing board, before bringing it to council twice.

“I’ve still not heard anything back,” she said. “If they’re supposed to be a sub group of the main council, and I’m supposed to be a public representative then... where are the statistics and are they showing that they are not doing their job, or do they not have the statistics - which still shows that they’re not doing their job?”

“I can’t understand why it’s not forthcoming, the information should just be at the click of a button.

At last Monday’s council, Cllr Reid told the chamber a uniformed officer had gone to his house the previous night to drop off a hard of copy of crime statitsics for the district, this included the number of road deaths since January.

Questioning this, Cllr Donnelly told the Times: “Why in the love of God would somebody go to Cllr Reid in the night and wake his wife up, instead of just sending me the email?

“It’s ridiculous,” she added.

“The fact that they’re going to him - what’s the difference in him and me.. I asked for the information, so it should have been given to me.”

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Chief Inspector Humphries has spoken to councillor Donnelly and the matter has now been resolved.”