Dungannon crash ‘occurred after driver looked down to check his phone’

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WHEN a Dungannon man was turning right out of a junction onto a busy road, he looked down at his phone to check a message, causing a collision, the town’s Magistrates Court has been told.

Krzysztof Kasak, 33, from Castleview Heights, subsequently pleaded guilty to charges of driving while unfit and dangerous driving, arising out of the incident.

The court was told police were called to the scene of the crash at Newell Road, Dungannon, on the evening of December 29 last year.

Officers were told the injured party’s car had been struck head-on by a car driven by Kasak.

A sample of blood provided by Kasak showed his alcohol level to be 156mg, just under twice the legal limit.

A defending lawyer said Kasak was waiting to turn out of a junction from a housing estate, when he looked at his phone to check a message. He was disqualified from driving for 18 months and fined £400.