Dungannon has least offenders in Mid Ulster

Arrest made
Arrest made

Fewer offenders are being integrated back into life in Dungannon compared with Magherafelt, according to Probation Board statistics provided to the Times.

PBNI said on the whole they were supervising 4,538 people subject to 4,956 orders - 3,333 of whom were resident in communities across Northern Ireland as of June 30, 2014.

Just 60 of those, under 64 orders, were being helped to resettle back into life in Dungannon, while 145 individuals, with 159 orders, were being supervised in Magherafelt, and the Armagh office is looking after a further 41 people, subject to 43 orders.

Together, all three areas are covered by the Mid Ulster team, which looks after 5% (246) of all of Northern Ireland’s probationers. And half of those being reintegrated into whole Mid Ulster area are under 29-years-old, while 85% (209) are male.

Between Armagh, Dungannon and Magherafelt; 189 court orders totalling 12,000 hours of unpaid work, benefitting local communities, have also been carried out.

Mid Ulster area manager Gillian Montgomery said: “In the last year 12,000 hours of unpaid work has been delivered equating to a reparative value of over £75,000, and many communities within the Mid Ulster area have benefitted from this as a result.

“I look forward to another year of developing practice, improving services and delivering to change lives for safer communities.”

PBNI said that despite a 4% rise in their workload over the last year, they have provided thousands of vital reports aiding decisions within the criminal justice system, as well as supervising offenders living back in the community.

They help to “rehabilitate and resettle offenders”.