Dungannon man found driving without insurance twice in 1 week


A Dungannon man who was stopped by police twice in a seven day period and was found to be driving without insurance on both occasions, has been disqualified from driving.

Aidan Carroll-Hayes, 24, of Springfield Park, Dungannon pleaded guilty to the charges of two counts of no insurance and two counts of having no vehicle test certificate.

A court was told how police stopped Mr Carroll on February 8 while he was driving on the Victoria Road, Dungannon and was informed checks revealed there was no valid insurance on the vehicle. Mr Carroll told officers he ‘definitely’ had insurance and so was asked to produce it within seven days.

Police then again stopped Mr Carroll on Killyman Road on February 15 and he told officers he had his insurance at home, so police followed him to his address. A short time later Mr Carroll told officers he couldn’t find his insurance.

A defence solicitor for Mr Carroll said his client was ‘totally ashamed’ by the incident and apologises to the court. Deputy District Judge Magill disqualified him for 2 months for each no insurance offence to run concurrently, and handed down fines totalling £450.