Dungannon man ‘punched cousin 18 times’ on ‘heroin-fuelled’ night out in Belfast

Dwayne Mullan
Dwayne Mullan

A Dungannon man a who was was convicted just last month of a heroin-fuelled attack on his partner in front of their new-born babay, has been charged with repeatedly attacking his cousin on a Belfast street.

Dwayne Mullan who is the former partner of drugs mule Michaella McCollum, is alleged to have punched his defenceless cousin up t0 18 times in a brawl in Belfast city centre on Wednesday.

Mullan had been handed a six months jail term for the previous attack on his grilfriend, but as he had been on remand was released within weeks of sentencing.

The 28-year-old whose address was given as The Cloisters in Dungannon, Co Tyrone now faces a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was refused bail amid fears of potential re-offending or interference with witnesses.

As Mullan appeared before Belfast Magistrates’ Court on Friday an investigating policewoman said he had been drinking with his cousin and a woman.

She claimed a fight broke out close to the Little Italy pizzeria on Amelia Street, continuing on into Brunswick Street and James Street South.

Witnesses saw Mullan strike the victim on the face with a bottle, causing it to start bleeding, the court heard.

District Judge Peter King was told a motorcyclist recorded the incident on a camera attached to his helmet.

One witness claimed to have heard the comment “No glass, just fists”, according to the officer.

She also claimed: “The victim slipped on a manhole cover, fell on his backside and immediately the defendant leaned in and started punching him.

“CCTV shows he punched him 18 times. The victim was defenceless at this time and did not retaliate.”

The alleged attack in the middle of the road only ended when a car arrived, the court heard.

Mullan and the woman were said to have walked off at that stage.

The policewoman said the victim suffered cheek and chin lacerations along with a suspected fractured cheekbone.

Following his arrest Mullan denied using a bottle and claimed to have acted in self-defence after his cousin hit him once.

“When shown CCTV footage of the sustained attack on Brunswick Street he stated his cousin deserved it,” the officer said.

The accused allegedly admitted having taken alcohol, Diazapam and heroin.

Witnesses also claimed to have heard the cousins arguing about money, the court heard.

Seeking bail, a defence lawyer said Mullan is waiting for medical treatment to his addiction to various substances.

But denying the application, Judge King told the accused: “The allegation is you used a bottle on your cousin and also inflicted 18 punches to him when he was defenceless on the ground.

“Given the nexus between you and the victim I have no hesitation in refusing bail on the grounds of fear of re-offending and interference with witnesses.”

Mullan was remanded into custody to appear again by video-link on December 19.