Dungannon man told ex: “I want war”


A text message sent by a Dungannon man to his ex-wife while she was on holiday, read: “I hope Poland is worth the s**t that’s coming”, the town’s Magistrates Court has heard.

Eamon Mackessy, 44, from Winnetts Court, Shambles Lane, pleaded guilty to breaching a non-molestation order by sending two text messages to his ex on October 4 past.

The second text stated: “If you have peace, you must have war. Well, I want war”, a prosecuting lawyer explained.

When interviewed by police about the matter, Mackessy admitted sending the messages, and said he was “annoyed” at his ex-wife going on a two-week holiday and not bringing the couple’s children.

“He (Mackessy) said he couldn’t understand how she could do that”, the prosecutor added.

Handing down a suspended prison sentence of one month, District Judge John Meehan, who also made a compensation order for £100, referred to a probation report which revealed Mackessy felt the law was “biased” towards women and that “men have no voice”. Mackessy was warned that should he “step out of line” again, he would go to prison.