Dungannon misery over 114 unadopted roads

Pothole in Mid Ulster
Pothole in Mid Ulster

Hundreds of Dungannon residents are enduring the misery of living on crumbling roads that the Roads Service has no responsibility to repair.

The local district has one of the highest number of unadopted roads in Northern Ireland, government figures have revealed.

Many of the residential roads were left unfinished by developers who went bankrupt when the building boom collapsed in 2008.

It is estimated that it would take millions of pounds to fix the roads, which also include alleyways and farm access roads.

Sinn Féin MLA Bronwyn McGahan has said that contractors must prove that they have the money to complete roadways before given permission to build new housing schemes.

“Tyrone has the highest number of unapproved roads due to the fact that many contractors building private schemes ran out of money before completing the project.

“This has led to many families being stranded in times of bad weather or having to park far from their homes.

“It also creates an environment where dirt from these uncompleted roadways are being dragged into peoples homes and ruining carpets and floors. I would ask Transport NI to look at these estates with a view of improving the existing infrastructure and alleviating the problems that these families face.”

In February, the Tyrone Times reported how pensioners, schoolchildren and ill residents were left trapped in an icebound housing estate in Eglish for five days, because Roads Service refused to grit its roads.

Beechville Heights estate, which was built 12 years ago, has yet to be adopted, after the developer went bankrupt and left the roads unfinished. Too afraid to brave the slippy conditions, pensioners had to rely on neighbours for supplies, schoolchildren were unable to get out to school and ill residents missed important hospital appointments.