Dungannon Peer votes against Assisted Dying Bill

Lord Morrow
Lord Morrow

The DUP’s Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley has voted against the Assisted Dying Bill at its second reading in the Lords.

Commenting after the debate Lord Morrow said:

“The role of any legislature is to protect the most vulnerable in society and to give them a voice. The majority of charities and advocacy groups for the terminally ill oppose assisted suicide and a change in the legislation, precisely because terminally ill people often do not want their life ended, rather they wanted to be cared for and spend time with their families.

The most loving and caring thing that we as a society can do for our terminally ill, is not to end their life, but rather to provide them with the best possible care and help them live out their life in dignity and with respect.

Despite the so called safeguards in the current Bill before the Lords, the experience of other jurisdictions only serves to prove that assisted suicide is a slippery slope and safeguards have often failed to work in practice.