Dungannon police issue drink and drugs warning to celebrating students


Police in Dungannon are warning students not to celebrate their exam results by abusing alcohol or engaging in anti-social behaviour.

This time of year traditionally sees an increase in the number of alcohol and drug-related incidents because of the announcement of exam results.

“With exam results looming, we’re urging students to stay safe when planning any post-results party nights out”, said a spokesperson on social media.

“We understand you will want to go out and celebrate their results after all their hard work but do it safely.

“We want to keep the number of alcohol-related incidents to a minimum and remind everyone that each of us is responsible for our own actions, even when under the influence of alcohol.

“A criminal record for assault or a public order offence can put a blight on future career prospects and could have even longer-term consequences, like affecting your eligibility to get a travel visa or gain entry to some countries.

“Don’t get caught up in the moment and let yourself be persuaded to take drugs in the name of celebration. Not only are you putting your health and future at risk, but you also face the prospect of conviction. If you are with someone who falls ill contact emergency services immediately, even if you suspect that they have taken drugs. A call for help could save a life!

“We also want to make sure anyone planning on heading out to celebrate their results puts as much thought into how they are getting home at the end of night as they do into how they are getting there and what they are wearing. It’s a good idea to have your lift home arranged or taxi pre-booked before you go out.

“It’s also important that friends look out for each other. Be responsible and stick together.

“Finally, congratulations to everyone who has got their results and if you are going out to celebrate, have a great (and safe) night.”