Dungannon road ‘in urgent need’ of upgrade

Dungannon Sinn Fein councillor, Dominic Molloy
Dungannon Sinn Fein councillor, Dominic Molloy

DUNGANNON councillor Dominic Molloy has expressed his disappointment that a road which is used by scores of children every day has not been listed for street-lighting, footpath provision or road improvement.

Cllr Molloy appealed to Roads Service to consider making the Manse Road in the town a priority in the near future “before we have to deal with a serious incident”.

“Manse Road should be the main access route for children from the west of the town travelling to Windmill Integrated Primary school and the Lough View sports facilities, however due to no footpath, no lighting and the dangerous road bends, these children and parents escorting them are forced to detour down to Beechvalley and across the Railway Park”, continued the Sinn Fein representative.

“Unfortunately some just can’t resist the shortcut and take their lives in their hands to use Manse Road, and during dark winter evenings it’s a highly dangerous practice.

“Numerous residents along with myself and Bronwyn McGahan MLA have petitioned Roads Service to see what can be done to improve the route, however to date we have drawn a blank.

“I again raised the matter with Roads Service just before Christmas but this matter will not be given any priority status by Roads Service due to the small volume of traffic using it.

“I would contend that the low traffic flow is largely due to the precarious nature of the road and the vigilance needed when using it. “If the road could be upgraded, I have no doubt it would divert a lot of traffic which is currently forced to use the already highly congested route out of Beechvalley and Railway Road.

“Also, most traffic measurement projects take no consideration of pedestrian activity”, concluded Cllr Molloy.