Dungannon woman hopes new interactive sports app will make her fortune

The new app doesn't have  a name yet
The new app doesn't have a name yet

A Dungannon woman is hoping to make her fortune through a new app tipped to become the next billion-dollar earner.

Lesley Anne Oliver told the Times the app from United Games Marketing in Utah, America, will launch in September and that she’s encouraging her friends and family to get involved.

The app is essentially a sports game which allows users to play while they watch live sports events and is the brainchild of former EA Sports director, Marc Mongie.

Mongie is a co-founder of the mobile app game company United Games Marketing and his involvement seems to have got people in the tech world very excited.

Indeed, the app is already being tipped to go viral upon its release and will launch through NFL Football and MLS, featuring all the world’s major sports, and all languages, post-launch.

Players will use the app to play live while they watch their favourite sporting event, either alone or with friends.

If they call plays correctly, they’ll have the chance to win prizes, while inviting friends to play will also boost their chances of securing ‘team swag, sports gear, electronics, tickets to games etc’.

Lesley Anne said: “It’s going to be massive. It’s the first-ever interactive sports app in the world. No name for the app has been released yet, as they’re building awareness at the moment, and United Games hasn’t revealed what it will look like yet as they’re doing it in stages.”

On the United Games Marketing Facebook page, the company states players can “combine your favourite sport with real-time gaming, playing with real sports teams in real time”.

Up until September, anyone interested in downloading the app for free upon its release are being encouraged to ask for a personal invite code.

For those in Mid Ulster, Lesley Anne said people can contact her to get put on to her VIP list.

A small monthly fee then applies thereafter, with affiliates earning with every player they invite.

They can also earn ‘check match bonuses on any affiliates they invite to share this free sports app’, according to an online review of the set-up.

“I have a friend in England and she said there was a video I should check out, with a new opportunity,” said Lesley Anne. “I started doing my own research and it was unreal. It’s something I’m definitely going to try. I think they’re expecting the app industry next year to be over £100b.

“People are really getting into this market now. For me personally, if this goes the way I’m hoping, I could make a lot from it. All you have to do is tell people to download a free app. If they want to earn money they just contact me and I invite them to join. Some people have a team of about 1,000 gathered already.”