DUP condemn paramilitary flag honouring Billy Wright

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DUP Councillor Kim Ashton has condemned a paramilitary flag glorifying former LVF leader Billy Wright, which was hung from a street light next to a loyalist bonfire in Dungannon.

The grisly tribute at Eastvale Avenue, which is now the subject of a police investigation included Wright’s attributed quote: “I would look back and say Cappagh was probably our best.”

Mid Ulster councillor Ashton said: “I have and always will condemn paramilitary activities regardless of what community they claim to represent. The DUP has always supported political representation by peaceful means and does not and has not supported paramilitaries.”

The LVF earned a reputation for brutal violence primarily towards Catholics in Tyrone after it was set up as a breakaway wing of the Ulster Volunteer Force, and were believed to be behind the murder of four men in a Cappagh bar.

When asked about the banner, police said they were aware of it and enquiries were “ongoing”.