Dynamic Killeeshil principal to cycle Ireland for second time

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A courageous primary head teacher is getting back on the saddle to cycle the length of Ireland for his new school.

This will be the second time Principal Seamus McCreesh is undertaking the marathon trek from Malin Head to Mizen Head to raise school funds.

In 2015, he completed the four day cycle to help pay for a new playground at Eglish school Roan St Patrick’s.

Inspired by the huge success of the first cycle, and newly installed as Principal of St Mary’s Cabra, Mr McCreesh is having another crack at the 400 mile challenge, and this time he’s looking for support from Killeeshil parents.

“A team of school staff members and parents will be doing the challenge to raise vital funds for the school”, he said.

“We’re also looking for a group of parents who will be available to support the fund raising effort in a variety of ways.”

The cycle will take place from May 25 to 28 and will involve a team of six.

“It’s great that we have one school in the parish so everyone can get behind it and we’re not vying for resources. We have a strong team of cyclists with school staff and three parents, and we’re inviting anyone from the parish to join us on the last day of cycling to Malin Head.”

During the first cycle, which raised £13,000, Mr McCreesh and his team had to cope with strong headwinds and driving rain.

“The first day of cycling was great”, he said. “We racked up over a hundred miles and had a great tail wind to help us on our way. However, we struggled on day two through the middle of Ireland. It really was dire with the wind and the rain. We found ourselves in the Bog of Allen, wondering were we mad to keep going.

“But we persevered and at the end there was a great welcoming party made up of parents and friends to celebrate our arrival at Mizen Head.”

A meeting for parents willing to help the cycle for St Mary’s Cabra will take place at the school on Wednesday at 7pm.