Ending free school transport would hit Mid Ulster hard - McGlone

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SDLP Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has criticised Education chiefs following reports that the Education Authority are considering ending free school transport.

Mr McGlone said: “It appears that the Education Authority think that there are elements of our children’s education that it is acceptable to charge for.

News that they are not only considering ending free school transport, but are also considering increasing the cost of a school meal, as well as increasing the amount that children will have to pay for music tuition will all have an impact on parents and families. If these proposed cuts go through, children and their families are going to be penalised multiple times.

“I am gravely concerned that children from rural communities in constituencies such as Mid Ulster will be hit hardest. Every September my office deals with numerous school transport issues, both secondary and primary, as the service is such a lifeline for rural families. The majority of children in our rural areas live beyond the range to be eligible for free transport.”