DMAC sheds down after 10-year planning row

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A Coalisland-based engineering firm has finally removed two large sheds at the heart of a planning row that has spanned over 10 years.

Since 2006, DMAC had been running both workshops on its Annagher Road site just outside Coalisland without planning permission for either.

Workers removing two sheds at DMAC

Workers removing two sheds at DMAC

A legal fight, which it lost, ended with the company being issued a £21,000 fine for the unauthorised development - and ordered to demolish the buildings in 2009.

The firm has now complied with that order.

And while it came under fire for not adhering to planning law, Mid Ulster District Council was also criticised for approving two new larger workshops on the same site just after taking over planning powers in 2014 - despite the company operating in breach of planning law for over 10 years.

At the time council said the new £2.8m development would create 80 more jobs.

They had been built without permission

They had been built without permission

But in 2013, the Planning Service - under the control of Department of the Environment - had recommended those plans be rejected.

A spokesperson for the council had said: “Full consideration was given to the history of the site, including nature conservation interests, and the approval is conditional on a series of measures to address these concerns.”

Located in a disused sandpit south of Annagher Road, the area containing both sheds was designated an area of nature conservation interest and was in the greenbelt area of Coalisland at the time of the last town plan in 2010.

Mid Ulster District Council said: “A timeframe of May 2017 was agreed for completion of the new building and demolition of the existing building. We understand that works are on course to meet this date and will continue to monitor progress.”