‘Help keep Mid Ulster litter-free’ urges Environment Committee chair

Rubbish littering a Mid Ulster roadside
Rubbish littering a Mid Ulster roadside

The chair of Mid Ulster’s Environment Committee is urging all constituents to help keep Mid Ulster litter-free.

Cllr Christine McFlynn made the plea after a report to the committee from Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.

Cllr McFlynn said: “Mid Ulster Council is trying to encourage tourists to come and spend time in the area, but visitors will not stay or return if they are greeted with untidy towns and roads. As Chair of the Environment Committee one issue of additional concern to me is the cost of waste control across the council district. Street cleaning in Mid Ulster for 2014/2015 cost rate-payers just over £2m.

“The Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful report contains some alarming figures and statistics. Spending on street cleaning in the north has passed £40m for the first time (and) 12 per cent of streets and public spaces still have unacceptable levels of litter or dog fouling.

“I would urge everyone to make full use of the recycling sites and bins provided by the council. Do not drop litter from vehicles, take it home and dispose of it appropriately.

“We can all do our bit to improve the environment, and keep Mid Ulster litter-free.”