Swallows spotted in Mid Ulster

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The swallows are reported to be back in the Mid Ulster area, heralding the springtime weather.

This marks the iconic return of the European Swallow to these shores and many eagerly await the birds’ arrival from their winter migration in warmer climes.

Easily identifiable with their long wings and their trademark long tail streamers, they gather in large flocks in autumn and depart for warmer climates for the winter.

European swallows normally winter in Africa, south of the Sahara, in the Indian sub-continent and Arabia.

Mid Ulster Resident Sinead Donnelly Said: “I love the swallows coming back!

“When the swallows arrive they bring the hopes of a long hot summer as they build their nests in the same place they have for many years before.”

Niall Quinn from Ardboe said: “It’s nice to see the swallows returning, they’re so graceful in flight.”