Exam results celebrations at the Royal School Dungannon

There were celebrations at The Royal School Dungannon last week as the Sixth Form pupils achieved excellent A Level results in this summer’s examinations with 7 out of 10 grades awarded at the top grades of A*, A or B and an average UCAS points return per pupil of 339 (the equivalent of 2 As and 1 B).

The overall pass rate was 99.5% across all subjects.

16 pupils out of a cohort of 65 secured at least 3 A* or A grades. Vicky Chick led the way, returning 3 A* grades and 2 A grades and Jonathan Gilmour scored 2 A* grades plus 1 A grade. Karen Wong and Nina Choo each scored 5 A grades and Gary Lau returned 4 A grades and 1 B grade. Rachel Burrows, Joanna Little, Annabel McKee and Emma Thompson each achieved 1 A* grade plus 2 A grades. Katrina Cuddy, Derek Mak, Jo McKeown, Anna Nicholl, Hannah Smyth, Stephen Stewart and Lucy Talbot completed the line up with 3 A grades each. In addition, 8 other pupils achieved at least 2 A* or A grades and 1 B grade: Amy Burnett, Peter Doran, Sarah Emerson, Evelina Grydziusko, Daniel Perry, Lydia Reilly, Amy Robinson and Caleb Scott.

At AS Level a large number of RSD pupils established an impressive platform for A Level success next year, with 65% of grades at A or B grade. 25 pupils returned at least three A grades in their chosen subjects, including Rebecca Boyd, Geoffrey Cheng, Polo Chiu, Timothy Davidson, Grace Doran, Aaron Graham, Matthew Maguire, Jennifer McLean, Julie Orr, Joshua Patton, Lauren Plunkett and Adam Smith who each achieved 4 A grades. Suzanne Bell, Brian Cheung, Emily Elliott-Murphy, Megan Forster, Andrew Irvine, Sarah Maxwell, Kerry McMullan, Reuben Morrow, Mathew Mylroi Lamont, Adam Patterson, Sophie Shannon, Ruth Watters and Hannah Weir all returned at least 3 A grades. A further 11 pupils achieved at least 2 A grades and 1 B grade.

The Headmaster, Dr David Burnett, described the results as, “A terrific outcome for the pupils who have worked so hard and contributed so much to the life of the School. It is never the case that such results such as these ‘just happen’ and the pupils have worked incredibly hard to achieve these superb standards. Along the way many have had to deal with setbacks but they have worked closely with their teachers, taken on responsibility for their studies and shown real determination to succeed.”

Dr Burnett explained that the pupils’ high academic achievements were a reflection of the School’s broader ethos. “At RSD we encourage pupils to be involved in school life and to take on leadership roles and to accept responsibility. So many of the pupils who have taken that approach have also done really well in their examinations and it seems clear that there must be a link. Those pupils had to organise their time carefully, balancing time spent on study, extra-curricular activities and social time outside school, and they have grown to appreciate that things don’t always go the way that you want them to first time and that sometimes you have to be resilient and work hard to improve the situation.”

He also emphasised the role played by parents and teachers in supporting the pupils. “The pupils are the first to acknowledge that support from their teachers and from home are crucial in their success. I would wish to pass on my thanks to all my teaching colleagues and to parents for the support they have given to pupils and my congratulations for the role they have played in the pupils’ success.”