EXCLUSIVE: Dungannon top for uninsured drivers

Police checkpoint
Police checkpoint

Dungannon and South Tyrone has topped the district areas for the number of motorists detected driving without insurance.

According to statistics, exclusively obtained by this paper from the PSNI, Dungannon ranked as the highest area in the whole of F district, which also includes Omagh and Fermanagh, for car insurance dodgers.

Lord Morrow

Lord Morrow

In the last two years, almost 600 motorists have been detected in the Dungannon district alone for having no car insurance.

In 2012/13 297 motorists were detected in the Dungannon area for no insurance offences, while in 2013/14 this figure dropped slightly to 283.

The area in the district with the second highest number of uninsured drivers was Fermanagh, with 285 uninsured drivers detected in 2012/13 and 275 in 2013/14.

Cookstown ranked as the lowest district where motorists were caught driving without insurance, with 201 drivers caught in 2012/13 and 188 in 2013/14.

Of the 580 motorists detected driving without insurance in the Dungannon district, 87 per cent of those were referred for prosecution.

Dungannon peer, Lord Maurice Morrow MLA told the TIMES the figures were ‘extremely worrying’.

“The number of uninsured drivers detected in Dungannon/South Tyrone, the highest in the PSNI F division is extremely worrying.

“These figures cannot be ignored and indeed the only redeeming factor to draw from these disturbing figures is the fact that detection has increased resulting in less uninsured drivers on our roads.

“However the closer one looks at these insurance offences it is clear that Tyrone alone has some 583 referred for prosecution with Fermanagh adding a further 255 bringing the total to a staggering 838 for these two counties in 2013/14.

“If an accident happens with an uninsured driver involved it leads to additional complications for the innocent party.

“Uninsured drivers also drive up the cost of insurance for all motorists. I welcome the increase in detection but remain very concerned that so many drivers are on our roads uninsured.”