Families invited to discover Shakespeare with Queen’s on 400th anniversary of his death

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Staff and postgraduate students from the School of English at Queen’s University are inviting families to ‘Discover Shakespeare’ this Sunday in the Ulster Museum.

The child-friendly experience is part of a season of events to mark the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death.

As well as the opportunity to see performances by local school pupils of excerpts of Shakespeare’s plays, children can step back in time and play with the contents of an Elizabethan toy box, make an Elizabethan ruff and enjoy a unique Shakespearean treasure hunt in the museum.

The event, which begins at 12noon, was organised by Professor Mark Burnett, Dr Edel Lamb and Dr Ramona Wray and will finish with a lecture by Dr Lamb on Shakespeare and his theatre.

“We want people to know Shakespeare as more than words in a heavy book,” she said.

“When the MA in English Literary students put their heads together to plan this event they decided to bring Prospero’s words in the Tempest - ‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on’ - to life for young people.

“Despite Shakespeare being dead 400 years this weekend, he still has relevance for today’s society.”

Where and when: Sunday, April 24 from 12-3pm, Ulster Museum’s Learning Zone.

Dr Edel Lamb’s lecture will take place 3-4pm in the Lecture Theatre, Ground floor.