Farmer’s daughter from Eglish launches first ‘farm fit camp’

The first of Rebecca's four farm fit camps starts on Sunday, May 20
The first of Rebecca's four farm fit camps starts on Sunday, May 20

A farmer’s daughter from Co Tyrone has created something “a little bit different” to help locals trying to get fit for summer.

Rebecca Irwin, a sixth generation farmer meets personal trainer, from Eglish, is launching a ‘farm fit camp’ which will see people lifting tractor tyres, slamming weight balls and doing rope battles on land which has been farmed by her family since 1807.

The 27-year-old’s bid to is combine farming life with fitness.

Rebecca, a qualified fitness trainer who loves to combine farm life with getting people fit, is launching the camp this Sunday, May 20, which will run for four weeks in “hail, rain or shine.”

Speaking ahead of the first farm fit camp, Rebecca said: “It’s so much fun being on a farm and it’s so much fun exercising so I thought I would combine the two and bring people to a field at the

back of our farm where we can all do exercise together, and, depending on the weather, possibly get mucked up to the eyeballs.

“Anyone wishing to come along and take part will take in the smell of the Tyrone country air, get fit, meet new people and do a fitness regime which is unique here in Northern Ireland.”

The farm fit camp, which is based at Oona Bridge, will begin at 8.30am.