Fined for driving without ‘L’ plates

A DUNGANNON man on his way to a job interview has been fined a total of £205 for driving with no ‘L’ plates displayed and being an unaccompanied ‘L’ driver.

Jose Monteiro, 33, of Redford Park, Dungannon was driving a Red Vauxhall vehicle on the Killyneedan Road in Cookstown on 25th September, when he indicated he was turning left but in fact turned right. Police then stopped the vehicle and discovered that Monteiro had no ‘L’ plates displayed and was not accompanied by someone with a driving licence.

A defence solictor for Monteiro said that Moneteiro had arranged for a lift to take him to a job interview that morning but had been subsequently let down which is when he decided to drive himself.

District Judge John Meehan imposed a £90 for not having ‘L’ plates displayed on the vehicle. He also fined him £100 for being an unaccompanied ‘L’ driver and endorsed three penalty points. He was ordered to pay a further £15 offenders levy.