Fines and disqualification for driving offences

AN OMAGH man has been handed down fines totalling £715 and been disqualified from driving for several months for a number of motoring offences.

Aaron Mimna, 27, of Meelmore Drive, Omagh was charged with failing to stop for police, driving without insurance, dangerous driving, failing to provide a specimen and driving whilst unfit.

Mimna was detected by police on Sweep Road in Cookstown where the car he was driving was ‘swerving onto the otherside of the road’ a court heard. When police put on their siren and flashing lights telling him to stop, Mimna proceeded to continue to drive and headed in the direction of Cookstown to Omagh road. Police proceeded to follow Mimna for two miles, and decided to pull out alongisde Mimna to make sure he could see them telling him to pull over, but Mimna continued driving. When he reached a bend in the road in which his car slid across onto the other side and came to a stop hitting a telegraph pole.

When Mimna was arrested he refused to give police a blood sample, a court heard.

A defence solictor for Mimna said that when he saw police ‘he knew he had no insurance and panicked and continued to drive.’ The defence solicitor added that his client ‘accepts that it was very dangerous. accepts that he had no insurance and apologises for it’ and that he ‘deeply regrets his actions.’

District Judge John Meehan imposed a fine of £100 for the offence of failing to stop for police. He also imposed a fine of £250 for driving without insurance and disqualified Mimna from driving for 9 months. For the offence of failing to provide a specimen Mima was fined £100 and disqualified from driving for 18 months. Mimna also had his driving licence suspended until it could be produced. An offenders levy of £15 was also imposed.