First Tyrone Scout ceremony

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First Tyrone Scout Group, Dungannon held their annual Investiture and Prize-giving ceremony at the Scout Hall in Charlemont Street on Friday, January 20.

A special presentation was made on the night to the Venture of the Year Calum Armstrong who was presented with the Bo Shiels Memorial Shield. Group Leader Eamonn Goodwin dedicated the award to the memory of the late Barry Shiels, always known as Bo, who was a member of the group throughout his youth and achieved the Explorer Belt one of the highest awards in scouting.

The shield was presented to Calum by Barry’s parents, Kate and Kevin, who were guests of the group on the night.

The evening brought back many memories for them as Kevin was a cub leader in the past and many memories of Barry’s time in scouting and the Group thanks them for attending on the night.

Speaking at the event Eamonn Goodwin said: “The first time I met Barry, or Bo as he was known to his fellow scouts, was in the scout den at Charlemont Street, 1999. There were only a few scouts that year; I had joined as Group Leader and called in to see them. Bridie Galvin and Pat Devlin were the scout leaders. I remember the five or six scouts, the two McCann boys, Stephen and Peter, Sean Loughran, Laura O‘Neill, Kevin Gervin and Bo Shiels.

“Bo seemed to keep a low profile, he was small in height. The others seemed more confident and badges, you know there is always scouts with armfuls of every badge you could think off. Bo had some, I remember he was good at art, drawing animals and scouting pictures. But I remember Bo’s smile he always had that smile with his cheeks, like a cheeky smile. He was a friendly scout.

“Bo had to try harder than the rest, like playing catch –up. But let me tell you Bo got there in the end. He became a Venture Scout, and guess what he achieved the highest award a venture scout can achieve, The Explorer Belt of Scouting Ireland. In almost 60 years there have only been a handful of our scouts that have achieved this award. Bo did it and he did it well. I am looking down the hall at our current ventures and I say to you, you have a lot to live up to. Will you achieve the Explorer Belt like Bo did?

“Tonight it is only fitting that we remember Bo and know his name by presenting this shield to the venture of the Year, The Bo Shiels Venture Shield.

I would like to invite Kate and Kevin, Bo’s parents to come forward and present this shield. I now hand you over to Ann Marshall our Venture leader to announce the Venture of the year 2016.”