Fivemiletown traffic wardens ‘disproportionate’, claims Morrow

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A DUP peer has claimed there was a “disproportionate” number of traffic wardens on duty in Fivemiletown this week.

According to Lord Maurice Morrow, also suggested traffic attendants were being “concentrated” in “non-contentious areas” while others, such as Coalisland, remain “enforcement free”.

Last year, the Fermanagh-South Tyrone MLA revealed that no parking tickets had been issued in Coalisland for the fourth year in a row.

At the time, a Regional Development spokesperson said previous attempts to provide additional waiting restrictions in the town had been unacceptable to councillors, traders and members of the Coalisland Regeneration Partnership, but stressed that they were working to develop a scheme which would be embraced by all agencies.

In a statement issued today, Friday, Morrow said: ““I have been alerted to the deployment of four traffic wardens in Fivemiletown on the morning of Wednesday 4th March, and must express my concerns as to why this was deemed necessary.

“It is difficult to understand why the small area of Fivemiletown warrants four traffic wardens at any time, never mind midweek when traffic volume would be limited.

“Once again it would appear the complement of traffic wardens in Tyrone is being concentrated in non-contentious areas, whilst other such as Coalisland remain enforcement free.”

Mr Morrow continued: “Despite the criticism from Sinn Fein representatives on my commenting on Coalisland I am fully entitled to obtain comparative statistics, as well as to represent the concerns of people from Coalisland who choose to share their concerns with me, and I will continue to do so.

“I will be submitting questions to the Minister for Regional Development as to why Fivemiletown was required to have such a disproportionate traffic warden presence in the middle of the week in such a small area.”