Freerunner teen daredevil from Coalisland performs dangerous stunts

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A Coalisland teenager has released footage of dangerous leaps and somersaults made along the roofs and playgrounds of local towns and villages in a series of Youtube videos.

One of the films shows the teen, who calls himself Coalisland freerunner, with a friend making dangerous jumps from garages and a further climb across the dilapidated roof of a disused industrial site.

However, the intrepid freerunner seems to have struggled to find dizzying heights along the local skyline, instead opting for the safer confines of a public playground.

The montage shows the teenagers using swings and climbing frames to pull off dangerous stunts with small children playing nearby.

They also perform their daredevil tricks on park benches, street furniture and along public walkways.

The so-called freerunner has posted several videos on youtube showing a point of view journey through local streets, back gardens and building sites.

He is clearly hoping that his adventurous antics will go viral.