Fresh inquest into Coalisland man shot in the back while escaping Long Kesh

Hugh Coney
Hugh Coney

A fresh inquest has been ordered into the death of a Coalisland man shot dead while trying to escape from Long Kesh internment camp more than 40 years ago.

Hugh Gerard Coney was shot in the back by a British soldier as he and other internees tried to escape in November 1974.

From Annaghmore, near Coalisland, Mr Coney was detained without charge in June 1973.

An inquest held in 1975 delivered an open verdict and his family has been campaigning to have the case re-examined.

The Irish News have reported that Attorney General John Larkin onfirmed he is ordering a new inquest in a letter to the family’s solicitor

Mr Coney’s brother Jim, who has campaigned for a fresh inquest revealed he was refused access to the first inquest. “The first one (inquest) was a sham and I need to know what did happen,” he said.