Fundraising campaign to help save Clonoe worker’s life near finishing line - can you help it cross?

Kevin Carey
Kevin Carey

A campaign to help save the life of Geda Construction worker has already raised most of the £205k needed for pioneering immunotherapy that could give him more time.

Kevin Carey, who is suffering from a grade four brain tumour, has been given just three months to live.

The 35-year-old from Portglenone is an employee of the Clonoe-based firm and has already undergone painful brain surgery, while awake, to remove 97 per cent of the aggressive tumour.

But unfortunately for him, his doctors have said that the remaining three per cent could still spread.

A email sent to press, including the Tyrone Times, pleads with the public to help save Kevin’s life.

It said: “To all my family and friends I writing this message with hope that all of you will act for a very dear friend of mine who I grew up with, went to school with, played Gaelic football and now has been given 3mths to live in July this year!”

But sadly it goes on: “A Grade 4 brain tumour has taken Kevin’s driving licence, his job, his career and is trying to take his life. Kevin is the most wonderful, kind, funny and thoughtful 35-year-old-man you could ever meet.”

And although most of the tumour has been removed, it added: “However the remaining 3-5% is still aggressive, and its against the clock now to try to halt its growth.

“Kevin’s only hope at a chance of prolonging his life, getting his future back; his job back, and his happy ending to this horrific ordeal; is pioneering Immunotherapy at UCLH, London.

“Immunotherapy teaches the immune system to find and attack the brain cancer cells, however it is only available privately and will cost £205,000.

A small donation of £5 would be a massive help as it always adds up!”

Urging people to like Kevin Carey’s Fight Facebook page, the letter went on to say that donations to help save his life can be made through Go Fund Me.