Funeral in Coalisland for man stabbed to death in London

The pub in London, where the brawl broke out
The pub in London, where the brawl broke out

A funeral service will be held in Coalisland on Thursday for a man murdered in London last month.

Edward Stokes, 29 died when he was stabbed during a fight at the Army and Navy pub in New Barn Street, Newham, on March 19.

It is understood that two people have been charged in connection with the killing.

It was reported that Mr Stokes who is from the travelling community, was the victim of a mass brawl at the pub.

It is also believed that more than 10 people have been arrested and questioned over the violence which led to the death of Mr Stokes, whose mother is from Coalisland.

His remains, which have only been released by the authorities, are expected to arrive in Coalisland on Wednesday, with the funeral service planned for Thursday in the Church of the Holy Family.