Glenroe’s Biddy heading for the Bardic in 2016!

Television favourite Mary McEvoy aka Glenroe’s ‘Biddy Byrne’ will visit the Bardic Theatre in Donaghmore next April 2016 when she stars in a City Theatre Dublin production of J.B Keane’s The Matchmaker alongside Irish comic actor Jon Kenny, best known for D’Unbelievable’s, Fr. Ted. Together they play a myriad of characters in this hilarious and earthy dramatic comedy.

The play follows the efforts of Dicky Mick Dicky O Connor to make matches for the lonely and lovelorn. Keane, an avid observer of people and the cultures that bind and create their view of the world uses “The Matchmaker” as an exploration of rural loneliness.

As Biddy Byrne, Mary came into the living rooms of many Irish households across the country every Sunday for seventeen years up until 2000, whilst balancing a successful stage career.

The Matchmaker will play the Bardic for strictly one night only on 8 April 2016.