HGV drivers warned not to ‘chance their arm’

Weak bridge near Stewartstown
Weak bridge near Stewartstown

Cookstown PSNI are warning HGV drivers not to be “chancing their arm” by driving across weak bridges in the area.

They have issued tickets to a number of drivers over the past week.

On social media police warned heavy goods vehicle drivers that it is “going to cost you” if you offend.

They referred to the bridge on Lisnahall Road, outside Stewartstown, where a lorry driver was recently booked.

“Now I know there will be people that will complain that we have little to do but, the reason we where there was because the local community asked us to monitor the bridge,” the post reads on their Facebook page.

“But never mind us giving out tickets or the hardship of having to take a diversion route I wonder who the drivers will blame when the bridge collapses due to HGV’s using a weak bridge.

“Let’s just hope no ones on it if it ever does collapse in the mean time please drivers pay attention to the road signs.”