History festival to light up Midsummer

Midsummer celebrations
Midsummer celebrations

A barbeque and Midsummer celebration, which will include the reenactment of local customs. is expected to attract local families and history buffs to the Killymaddy Centre on June 21.

Organised by the Killeeshil and Clonaneese Historical Society, the event will also feature Gemma Prince, a light opera singer and harpist, who will be singing a few Midsummer airs.

“Within country traditions there was something mystical and special about Midsummer, and we would like to recreate that”, said Peter Buchanan, Chairman of the history society.

“I always remember June 21 as being a significant date in the farming calendar, and people would have been keen to rise early and watch the sun rise from special vantage points.

“We encourage all, both young and old to come along to our event and celebrate the longest day in the calendar.”

There will also be a history talk on local superstitutions and customs associated with Midsummer, dating back to Celtic times,

The celebrations start at 8pm, and all are welcome.