Horticultural society basking in success

Children help out with planting plugs
Children help out with planting plugs

Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society has enjoyed more celebrity status.

Having already appeared on UTV’s Lesser Spotted Ulster, the Society were delighted by the visit of Cherrie McIlwaine to the Walled Garden at Parkanaur.

Cherrie presents Gardening Club on BBC Radio Ulster on Saturday mornings. Cherrie was joined by her producer Julie Brown and was given an insight into the origins and work of the Society at the walled garden and its contribution to the village in the

annual Ulster in Bloom competition.

A number of members contributed and all was recorded for broadcast on Saturday 26th April. Both Cherrie and Julie have shown a keen interest in the Society and have asked to be kept informed of future activities.

During April the Society held two workshops for children in the area. Under the supervision of members the youngsters were tasked with transplanting plug plants into pots.

These will eventually be sold as is, or in tubs and baskets. Many will be planted around the village. The children were

rewarded for their excellent contribution with BBQ bangers and burgers which were eagerly consumed.

Mayor Sean McGuigan and South Tyrone District Council continues to support the Society and the village.

The increasingly popular annual Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society Flower Show, Vintage rally and Fun Day will be held on Saturday 16th August.

Tommy Bowe, Ulster and Ireland Rugby Union player has agreed to attend the prize giving. This annual event is a big operation requiring many hours planning, setting up and considerable funding.

The success of the show builds year on year and is a fitting reward for the effort by members and volunteers alike. If you would like to contribute in any way the Society will be pleased to hear from you.

The Society meets every third Wednesday of the month at 8.00pm in the Parish Hall. Or you can contact the Secretary, Jean Reid on 07742 517545 or e-mail sunnyjean@hotmail.co.uk.