‘Hot topic’ in Coalisland to be tackled

Councillor Linda Dillon
Councillor Linda Dillon

THE issue of unadopted roads in the Coalisland area is one which will be taken up under the new super council structure, a local councillor has promised.

Torrent representative, Linda Dillon, said the problem had been a “hot topic” for a long time.

“For many years, the issue of unadopted roads in Newtownkelly, Sandy Row and Killowen in Brackaville has been a hot topic”, Cllr Dillon said.

“Our MP, Francie Molloy, alongside the residents, have had numerous meetings over the years with different agencies and government departments but to no avail.

“In this day and age it’s not acceptable that these residents, who were abandoned by the developers many years ago, are left living in these circumstances; void of services such as door to door bin collection.”

Urging residents to contact her directly, Cllr Dillon added: “This is a priority for me in the time ahead, now that the new council has the required powers via new legislation to address the difficulties around unadopted streets.”