Housing Executive help transform area of Castlecaulfield

The Castle Grove area of Castlecaulfield has been given a face-lift
The Castle Grove area of Castlecaulfield has been given a face-lift

A remarkable transformation in the Castle Grove area of Castlecaulfield has been completed, thanks to the Housing Executive.

Residents asked the Housing Executive to help them clean up the area in a community led initiative.

What a change!

What a change!

But once cleaned, it was identified that a further operation to remove graffiti that had been uncovered, was needed. The area has now been painted and decorated free of charge by members of Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society.

Following the redecoration, it has become a focal meeting point for members of the local community and has helped to install a great deal of civic pride in the Castle Grove area.

The Housing Executive provided assistance in the cleaning operation and were ably supported by the local Horticultural Society.

The Housing Executive’s Mid Ulster Area Manager Michael Dallat said: “Since the work was undertaken we’ve had a lot of positive feedback. The local office was pleased to be able to support this community-led initiative and we look forward to seeing what other projects in the future we can assist in the Mid Ulster area.”

Bob McClure from Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society added: “Residents in the area wanted to clean up the Castle Grove area and make it into a welcoming location for everyone to enjoy.

“Members of the Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society and assisted by the Housing Executive cleaned and tidied the area, and now projects a positive image of the Castle Grove area.

“With the work completed, residents have remarked on the excellent job carried out. The response has been extremely positive and it is amazing how the area has been transformed.”