Housing Executive invests thousands in Milltown as Super Adults Club celebrate 10 years

Over 10,000 was spent upgrading the centre of Milltown
Over 10,000 was spent upgrading the centre of Milltown

Over £10,000 has been invested by the Housing Executive to upgrade the centre of Milltown just before the area's Super Adults Club celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Over £10,000 was spent on the installation of new hedges and flowers at land beside the Milltown Roundabout, while HENI also funded a booklet by Milltown Super Adults Club to promote a decade of service to the local community.

Milltown Super Adults Club celebrate 10 years

Milltown Super Adults Club celebrate 10 years

The booklet highlights the achievements of the club and their activities, as well as some of their visits including to Crumlin Road Gaol, the Titanic Quarter and the An Creagan Centre in Omagh. The booklet was launched at the Milltown Super Adults Club centre at Gardiner’s Hall situated in the Milltown area of Dungannon.

The Milltown Super Adults Club was set up in 2007 to encourage the engagement of older people in the area by providing companionship, advice, physical and mental exercise and health promotion. The Club hosts a wide range of activities including knitting, cross community outings, training classes and networking opportunities.

The Club works for the wider benefit of the community and the surrounding area. The club supports good mental health through the engagement of older people by restoring their confidence and reducing the sense of social isolation.

Billy Cardwell, Chairperson from the Milltown Super Adults Club said: "We are thrilled to be able to unveil our 10th anniversary booklet today which documents the journey of the Milltown Super Adults Club and the important role the Club plays within the local community. It is great to see so many familiar faces to help celebrate our 10 years in existence.

"The Club increases awareness of the need for older people to engage within the local community. The Milltown area has a thriving elderly population

"This project would not have been possible without the financial support of the Housing Executive. We have a strong working relationship with our local Housing Officers, who help keep our members safe in their Housing Executive tenancies."

The Housing Executive’s Dungannon Assistant Housing Services Manager Helen Hicks added: "The Milltown Super Adults Club have a strong legacy within the greater Dungannon area. They play an important role in providing an outlet to elderly residents through a wide range of activities.

"We would like to congratulate the Milltown Super Adults Club on the completion of the booklet and I hope the local community will support this important venture."

Meanwhile, the Ground Maintenance Team for the South Region completed landscaping which has renovated the area beside the roundabout.

As well as the new hedges, various types of flowers have been planted including A Silver Birch tree, various herbaceous and evergreen shrubs and new turf lawn areas along with other hard landscaping elements.

Following consultation with local residents and community association members, work began in early February and has recently been completed with a total investment of £10,644.65 provided by the Housing Executive.

The Housing Executive’s Area Manager Michael Dallat said: "Our local staff listened to the concerns of the local community, who identified land that could be utilised for the benefit of the greater Dungannon area.

"The planting of the flowers and shrubs make the area look nicer and the residents welcomed the work and the minimal disruption caused by our Ground Maintenance team.

"This investment is an excellent example of the Housing Executive improving local areas and building vibrant communities."

Billy Cardwell, from the Milltown Residents Association added: "The new flowers and hedging really enhances the local area and installs a sense of civic pride within the local community of Milltown.

"All of the residents are extremely happy with the work carried out by the Housing Executive."