'How we are not picking up the pieces of a broken family is simply a miracle'

Car ended up in the ditch
Car ended up in the ditch

Magherafelt police arrested a suspect drink driver who made off after crashing into the ditch.

In a social media post they say they the driver was eventually detained.

"Yet again we find ourselves picking up the pieces after another selfish drunk got behind the wheel and drove," they said in the post.

"How we aren’t picking up the pieces of a broken family or families is simply a miracle.

"As if this wasn’t bad enough the driver then left the scene with the assistance of others in the hope they wouldn’t get caught. A nearby crew tracked their movements and arrested the driver some distance away from the scene.

"Almost four times over the limit. It’s pathetic that we have to continually post about drink drivers in this district.

"If you drink and drive we will catch you. Our focus is catching you before you become a killer.

"If you are in any doubt that you’ll be caught pay a visit to Magherafelt Court on any sitting and you’ll see for yourself how relentless we are at catching these individuals."