Ireland’s most miserable county has been revealed - Tyrone

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Tyrone people have been crowned the most miserable in Ireland.

Census of the Heart, a major new study on Irish well-being has found the red-hand county had the lowest emotional state.

The mood in the county may have plummeted since Tyrone’s exit at the All-Ireland GAA Senior Championship, but that hardly explains the surprise result.

Being branded as miserable is a new experience for the county, which normally makes notable national appearances in surveys rating contentment, relaxation, and happiness.

Last September, the Office for National Statistics found that Tyrone and Fermanagh people were the happiest in the UK.

Local residents had said they were 8.3 when asked: “Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday? Where 0 is ‘not at all happy’ and 10 is ‘completely happy’.”

The chasing of elusive dreams such as the Sam Maguire Cup appears to have taken its toll on the inhabitants of the county, famous for its history and links to the O’Neill clan.

And who are the other unhappy chappies in Ireland according to the latest survey - Fermanagh people.

But be warned, the census comes with a health warning. Out of the 11,708 people who filled out the survey, only about 156 were from Northern Ireland, making up just 1.3% of total participation.

The picture is less gloomy in other parts of the North.

For their connection to national identity, Northern Ireland counties took the top four spots. Derry had the highest ranking, but Fermanagh had the lowest overall.

Derry also had the highest ranking for well-being with Fermanagh taking the lowest spot again.

Lets hope Mickey Harte ensures we have something to be less miserable about next year.