Jail for drink-fuelled Dungannon criminal who went on a violent rampage against four police officers


A Dungannon man, who went on an ‘unrestrained drink-fuelled’ rampage against four police officers, had to be restrained with two pairs of handcuffs.

Daniel Quinn, from Dunavon Park, was sent to jail after pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and possessing a Class B drug.

The thirty-year old, who has four previous convictions of assaulting police officers and two of common assault on members of the public, appeared at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The court heard how on December 27, 2015, police were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance at the defendant’s home address. His mother and sister told police he was ‘going mad’ and had blood over his T-shirt.

When police arrived they found the defendant sitting in a heavily intoxicated state at the kitchen table with blood on his top and a cut on his forehead.

Police discovered that he was carrying a large kitchen knife, and when they went to arrest him for breach of peace, he immediately became aggressive and assaulted officers by kicking at them.

It took four officers and two pairs of handcuffs to subdue the defendant, the court was told.

After the violent rampage, police found a small bag containing cannabis in his pocket.

Quinn later made a full admission of the charges without a solicitor present, but later withdrew his guilty plea.

However, he subsequently returned to his earlier admission.

His defence solicitor said that thankfully no injuries had been sustained by the police officers.

“He hasn’t the biggest record of convictions, but then it’s not the smallest either,” said his solicitor, pointing out that there had been no offences committed since 2014.

“The majority of the offending relates to alcohol consumption,” he added.

According to a pre-sentence report, Quinn has custody of a child from a previous relationship, who has ADHD and behavioural difficulties.

In relation to his alcohol and drug issues, the defendant claimed to have been clear of drugs for a year, and had not consumed any alcohol for about a month.

Judge John Meehan said the defendant was unsuitable for community service, with a criminal record of multiple assaults on the police and members of the public, and criminal damage and burglary. He accused Quinn of enacting ‘unrestrained drink-fuelled violence’ against four police officers in a narrow hallway after they had discovered that he was carrying a knife.

The judge sentenced Quinn to two months in jail.