Jail sentence for Moygashel ‘mercy’ driver


A Moygashel man has been given a suspended jail sentence of two months for driving without insurance or a license.

Anthony Colgan, 54, from Moygashel Lane, appeared at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The court heard how Colgan was caught driving by police on October 10, after making a mercy mission to get his ex-partner emergency medication.

However, the court heard how Colgan had a former no insurance offence, as well as a double drink-driving charge.

His defence solicitor told the court that Colgan had agreed to help his former partner who has serious health problems, and it was her anxiety to get a prescription to treat her seizure that had prompted Colgan to get behind the wheel. The judge warned Colgan that only a jail sentence would deter him. He also fined him £300 and disqualified him from driving for two years.