Killyman’s Laghey PS celebrates 25 years with a different kind of Christmas play

Malachi Cush with Laghey pupils Anijo, Altan and Ciaomn
Malachi Cush with Laghey pupils Anijo, Altan and Ciaomn

Pupils, teachers and principals - both past and present - joined hundreds from the Killyman community to celebrate 25 years at Laghey Primary School’s ‘new’ premises after the previous building was burned down.

The School Around the Corner themed event, which was compered by none other than Malachi Cush and featured such a range of talent that Simon Cowell would be jealous, was a huge success.

“It was absolutely brilliant,” said one proud granny. “They had a bit of everything - dancing, singing, interviews with children at the school and even teachers who were there years before.

“They recited more verses of The Night Before Christmas than I knew existed - I really enjoyed it.”

Speaking at the event, Malachi Cush told the Times he was delighted to be involved.

“Tonight’s really about the children,” he said.

“It’s really about them displaying their talents. They are very well accomplished and they’re doing everything from dancing to singing to quoting verse. It gives them an opportunity to shine in front of their parents.

“Lots of schools do the usual school format, but this is a bit different - some of them might say things that their parents don’t want to be revealed - but that’s all in the name of the School Around the Corner.

“It’s to celebrate Laghey Primary School - they have been in Killyman for over a hundred years.

“They have been through a number of different buildings - they are 25 years in this building - and it’s to celebrate that and to celebrate the staff, the pupils who have gone through the school.”

Teacher Elaine Murray added: “It’s fantastic to be celebrating 25 years in the new building and the success at school since then.

“And it’s great to see the whole community come out tonight to support the children who have been working so hard learning their songs, dance and drama for tonight.

“We are really proud of them all.”