Let the youth be heard

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Seventy young people from across Dungannon and South Tyrone District gathered together to ensure their voices were heard at a consultation and networking night held by Dungannon and South Tyrone Youth Council.

The youth council are a group of 20 young people supported by the Education Authority from across the district who act as a representative voice for young people. Young people came from far and wide to attend from Augher to Galbally to Coalisland and Dungannon to participate and be heard. Each group presented on social action programmes they have been involved in.

The work of local youth for their communities has been fantastic and includes programmes that range from Road Safety events to work in residential care homes to charity work and Christmas extravaganzas.

After presentations the groups participated in three workshops. The first was an interaction community map workshop, the second was a diamond issue ranking activity and the third was a room where local issues were debated.

The results from the night will be compiled in a report and presented to the Education Authority, local councillors & MLAs to ensure these key decision makers understand and include young people’s views on issues that affect them.

Chairperson of the youth council, Martina Talbot said: “The night was a huge success and it was great to see so many young people take part and engage with us.

“I feel it is vital for the young people’s voices to be heard and I will try my best to bring forward these issues to our elected reps”.

So, the question is; Is this finally enough for the voice of the youth to be heard?

For further information of the youth council please contact Shannon McCaul(Secretary)- shannonmccaul15@gmail.com .