LISTEN: Greencastle gold mine investor brands opposition comments ‘crackpot’

Gold bars. Picture by Andrzej Barabasz. Wikimedia Creative Commons
Gold bars. Picture by Andrzej Barabasz. Wikimedia Creative Commons

One of the investment firms funding Dalradian Gold’s Tyrone mine dreams, has apologised for a representative’s ‘crackpot’ comment regarding local opposition.

Canada’s Echelon Wealth Partners is one of many firms that tuned into a live investors call with Dalradian CEO Patrick Anderson on December 12.

After Mr Anderson provided an update on Dalradian’s work in Greencastle, Co Tyrone, the conference was opened to questions.

And it was during that section of the 43min webcast of the ‘meeting’ that Ryan Walker from Echelon Wealth Partners said: “Back to the public consultation and the comments you got. What kind of volume of comments are we talking here, and what’s the split between the typical crackpot, not in my backyard, to actually some valid comments?”

Patrick Anderson then said: “Ryan we are still compiling all that, but the majority was in favour or interested in what we’re doing and want to see it go forward.”

Those opposed to the mine for a number of reasons, including the use of cyanide, said they are angry with the ‘crackpot’ comment.

They have also questioned whether the “majority was in favour” of the proposed mine.

The ‘crackpot’ comment has since been removed from the December 12 recording on the company’s website.

But in a statement, Dalradian said: “Dalradian cannot control what questions are asked during press conferences, nor do the questions asked reflect the position of the company.

“We are aware that there are genuine concerns about mining and that is why we consult and inform the public at every stage of the project. The company has been consulting on our latest plans since January 2016 and will continue to engage in an genuine, open and transparent way with those who are in support of, against or neutral about the project.”

Echelon Wealth Partners took to Twitter to say: “@EchelonWealth’s policy of respectful discussion with stakeholders was not followed. We apologise for the comment.”