Lord Morrow visits the Buddy Bear Trust

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Buddy Bear Trust staff welcomed Lord Morrow to the school to visit children and to welcome the new Conductor to the staff.

Brendan McConville, Chair of the Buddy Bear Trust said: “I was delighted to welcome Lord Morrow, a long time supporter of the campaign to offer Conductive Education as an option to the existing education in the Special schools to children with cerebral palsy.

“I am pleased to introduce Lord Morrow to our great staff and in particular to Miss Rebek Razz, our new Conductor for the Parent and Child Group.

“We are now able to offer more parents of young babies the opportunity of early intervention as the more expert help that is available in the ‘golden years’ gives the child a better chance to develop and to begin the challenge of confronting the daily limitations imposed by cerebral palsy.”

Ms Ildiko Veres, Principal Conductor and winner of the Spirit of Northern Ireland Award for Education introduced Lord Morrow to the staff and showed him the progress that children had made since his last visit.

Lord Morrow was impressed with the dedication of the staff and the great bond of trust that exists between the staff and the parents regarding the education of the children.

Parents were delighted that Lord Morrow took time to listen to them, to talk about their children and to take account of the problems they had encountered with officers from the Education Authority who continue to try to block funding for the school.

Lord Morrow reaffirmed his pride and joy in the school that the wider Dungannon Community had helped establish in 1988.

“It is a fantastic asset to have for children with cerebral palsy and it is right here in Dungannon,” he said. “It is wonderful to see the progress that children have made and to share the joy of their parents at the achievements of their children.”