Man accused of injuring police officer at Coagh Twelfth parade appears in court

Twelfth in Coagh
Twelfth in Coagh

A Cookstown man has appeared before East Tyrone Magistrates in relation to an alleged hit-and-run in which a police officer was knocked down and badly injured on the Twelfth.

Colin McAdoo, 43, from Tullagh Road faces a total of five charges which are alleged to have occurred at the Coagh July Twelfth parade in the Drumconvis Road area.

He is accused of causing grievous bodily harm to the officer by dangerous driving, failing to comply with a road traffic direction given by a police officer, failing to report the matter to police and failing to stop and remain after an accident had occurred in which injury was caused.

Police under oath confirmed the charges could be connected to the accused.

Judge John Meehan remanded McAdoo on continuing bail to return to court on August 19.