Man assaulted three women on night out in Cookstown


A man has appeared at East Tyrone Magistrates Court charged with four counts of common assault, attempted criminal damage, two counts of aggravated assault on females, resisting police and assault on police.

Vaidotas Stirbys, 24, of Glencairne, Dungannon, is charged with the offences in relation to a number of incidents which occurred on June 16 last year in Cookstown.

The court was told of how Stirbys was in the Royal Hotel in Cookstown when he was told to leave after being warned repeatedly about his disruptive behaviour. One male who worked in the hotel, was escorting Stirbys from the hotel when Stirbys drew his fist and hit him so hard he fell to the ground hitting his head on a pillar. When the male looked up he saw Stirbys kick a female colleague to the right side of her jaw and neck and she stumbled to her knees. Stirbys then continued to kick out as he was being put out the door, kicking another female worker hitting her on the face.

Thecourt was then told just ten minutes later, police observed an altercation between two males outside Time Bar on James Street. Police observed a female standing close to where the males were fighting, They intervened and separated the two men, one of which was Stirbys and took him across to their vehicle. While restraining him, Stirbys spat blood on one of the officers and tensed up his whole body as if to spit or strike the constable. While being restrained he called police ‘f****rs and b******ds’. He was arrested and taken to Dungannon custody suite where he was placed in a cell to sober up.

The court was also told of the statements from the male and female on Cookstown Street. The man and his girlfriend told officers they were standing outside Time Bar waiting for a lift when Stirbys approached them, he walked up to the female and kicked her in the side of the head with no warning.

It was at that point her boyfriend got involved and the two males started fighting before police arrived.

Police viewed the CCTV from the Royal Hotel and identified the defendant during the incidents, Stirbys admitted it was him on the CCTV but said he had no recollection of the event.

District Judge John Meehan told the court that this was an ‘extremely traumatic’ incident for the innocent people involved in these assaults, and particularly traumatic for the three women involved.

He sentenced Stirbys to a total of 9 months in prison, and was ordered to pay a total of £50 offenders levy. He was bailed on £200 bail pending appeal to the sentence.