Man smashed into Landrover and BMW outside Coalisland causing £10k damage

Ballynakelly Road
Ballynakelly Road

A man who caused £10,000 of damage when he drove into the back of a car just outside Coalisland has been banned from driving for three months.

The court heard how police came across a collision involving three vehicles on May 29 last year.

The defendant, Damien Corrigan, 28, was on his way to the M1 when he ran into the rear of a Landrover which was waiting behind another car which was awaiting the chance to turn right.

He then went headlong into the front of a BMW coming in the opposite direction towards Coalisland. The BMW ended up in a nearby hedge to a field.

“I tried my best to avoid the Landrover,” the defendant, from Coolnagard Glen in Omagh, who was representing himself, told the court.

“I think I avoided the Landrover in the first instance.

“It is the first accident I have ever been involved in. It has made me think about my driving.”

Reading from the police report by the driver of the Landrover, District Judge John Meehan noted that the injured party had been waiting with his foot brake on.

“‘I could see a silver car moving towards me and thought they might not stop in time,’” he said.

“The last image he saw before you hit him was of your face,” Judge Meehan told the defendant.

“You were insured to your credit. You caused £5,000 damage to the Landrover and £5,000 damage to the BMW.

“The driver in front had multiple impact injuries,” he said as he imposed a fine of £250 and a driving disqualification of three months.