Man spat and flicked cigarette into face of ambulance crew in Tyrone

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A patient being taken to hospital in an ambulance assaulted two paramedics and then threatened to walk into traffic, a court has heard.

Police were called by the ambulance crew on the afternoon of June 22, stating that they were being attacked by a patient near Fivemiletown as they took him towards South West Hospital.

They found the defendant, Alan Campbell, 24, who resides in Newtownards, being restrained by the paramedics.

They told the police that Campbell had lit a cigarette during transit and, upon being told to put it out, had flicked it into the face of one of the crew.

As the ambulance had pulled to the side of the road, Campbell had grabbed his co-worker by the shirt and had got into a scuffle, repeatedly spitting on both of the crew.

He told the paramedics to let him out so he could “step into traffic”.

Campbell’s solicitor called his client’s actions “appalling behaviour”.

He told the court that following these events he had a three-year Probation Order imposed which he said had “significant impact”, allowing him to “tackle some of his drugs issues”.

He asked the court not to interfere with this by imposing a custodial sentence.

District Judge John Meehan called it a “bleak situation”.

“He says he drinks on a daily basis and has no plans to stop,” Judge Meehan told the court as he read from the pre-sentence report.

“It is only because his father limits him to £10 a day or he would drink himself to death in no time.

“You were dealt with by a probation order ... this is entirely more serious. These people were there to assist you and you turned on them in the back of an ambulance.

“There is no doubt that offences against persons doing a public service should only be met by a custodial sentence,” he said as he imposed a three month prison sentence for the three assaults and damage to the ambulance.